Monday 20 May 2019

Guisborough Moor

It's taken me a while to get to the top of Guisborough Moor. It's almost 100 miles from my home and with just the short walk required to attain the summit there was almost 4 times driving to walking! Still it's done now, and completes my collection of Marilyns between the Scottish border and the M62. A sizeable chunk with other lists I shall have to look further afield.
A few images to give a feel of the day.....

Looking back through the Bilberry and Heather to Commondale where I had left the car.

The lonely property of North Ings, I got the feeling it may be a keepers cottage.

And above North Ings, I came across this war memorial to two soldiers from the Great War...always sad to see, but good that they are still remembered. 

High on the moor the track split at this point, I headed generally West...on the skyline I could see how close I'd been in the past when walking the Cleveland Way.

I could see this "hump" with an old shelter from some distance and was convinced that this was the certainly looked like the high point....

...however upon checking the stats and GPS on my phone I realised that the actual top was a 100m or so away. This point here in-fact, modelled by your author.

I set off back to make a circuit of North Ings Moor, I hadn't walked far when I came across this little fella...indeed I nearly stood on him! There was a distressed parent not far away, a Snipe I think. So I took this quick snap a moved away promptly.

Lots of muirburn on these moors, this is the view West from North Ing Moor. The obelisk in the distance is Captain Cook's monument...again passed on the Cleveland Way.
Then it was along the rest of the track to pick up the road and then to the car...just the long drive back.

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