Tuesday 28 May 2019

After Work Stroll Up Farleton Knott....

A long dull day at work meant it was important that I get out and re-motivate myself...a stroll up onto Farleton Knott, my local hill would be just the ticket. I also wanted to try out something new tripod wise as well. I used both my Lumix LX3 (Compact) and Lumix GX80 (Micro Four Thirds), they're both capable of producing results far better than their owner! Enough preamble here's a few pics...

Birds Foot Trefoil, loads of this up on the Knott at the moment...LX3

Googling" lightweight tripod for backpacking" resulted in a Youtube clip of a variation on this idea. The clip showed just one peg and cord, with the trekking poles cantilevered...This is the GX80 on a 1K Gorillapod...really steady the camera and lens weighs over 500g....LX3

This is the same set up but with the LX3 on the tiny Original Gorillapod. The LX3 is just over 250g so is more than happy on this mount. The idea works well...unless you can't get pegs in!!....GX80

All you need...plus a couple of trekking poles of course for a compact camera similar in weight to a LX3....GX80

If the camera is heavier the larger Gorillapod is required. You could use much thinner cord in both cases though, I just grabbed this from my "bits bag". If backpacking just keep a couple of pegs to one side when striking camp....just don't lose them otherwise erection of your shelter might be compromised....don't blame me!....LX3

West from near to the top of Farleton Knott, Coniston Fells in the distance. It would have been good to stay up there for the sunset....but I hadn't eaten since 12 noon....GX80

Taken from the same point looking North along the summit rocks...GX80

Looking back at the crags and summit, taken in 16x9 format....LX3
Always good to be out, a real tonic after being inside all day.


  1. Your photo of the bird's foot trefoil is all the justification needed for taking the time to set a steady camera. A beautiful flower. Did the photo need the trekking poles - or just the Gorillapod?

    I'd be tempted to have a go if the wind would ever stop blowing up here in the Highlands.

    1. Hi John, that picture was taken handheld on the LX3...with the image stabilization on. The Leica lens on that camera is exceptionally sharp (closely related to the Leica D Lux 4 I believe) and fast of course.
      I envy you living in the Highlands....even with the wind!
      Thanks for your comments.