Thursday 25 April 2019

Sunderland...On the Lune Estuary

A very flat walk today...I doubt any contours were crossed during our stroll on the road across the salt marsh between Overton and Sunderland. We did have to cut our walk a little short due to the incoming tide though! We could have done with another hour or so....but King Canute wasn't available. The weather behaved itself, although the clouds did mass once or twice. Generally the sun shone....a pleasant place to spend a few hours. As is the custom here, there follows a few images from the day....

Setting off across the salt marsh on the road which is covered by most tides, Sunderland over on the skyline almost 2km away.

Lots of muddy creeks, rich feeding grounds for waders when exposed. Curlew, Redshank and Oystercatchers along with Mute Swans, Shelduck, Mallards and Little Egret were all spotted today.

Looking back at Wood Bridge, which doesn't seem to have any wood in it's construction! Perhaps an earlier bridge was wood?

From Sunderland the windmills dominate the skyline beyond Overton.

This splendid sculpture (in front of First Terrace) created by Sunderland resident Ray Schofield.

Second Terrace from the beach after First Terrace. Once across to Sunderland it always feels like you're on an island to me.

This fishing boat looks like it's still sea worthy, unlike most of the other boats further up the marsh.
We returned the same way, there is an inland option. But that doesn't have the unique feel that crossing the marsh gives you. 

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