Sunday, 28 April 2019

Souther Scales and Bruntscar from Ribblehead

A bit of a photographic walk today., although I'm a little disappointed with my results. I parked at Ribblehead...I was there just after 8.30am and it was swarming with folk! I soon left them all behind as I walked through the old Ribblehead quarry and into Gauber Pasture. As so often when I'm out on my own (not Hill Bagging) I make things up as I go along....

Ingleborough from Fell Close Rocks.

Looking back to Ribblehead viaduct from Sleights Pasture Rocks

I couldn't find many Bluebells...just these few in fact. Whernside in the distance

Quite a few Violets though

I descended into the "hole" which contains Great Douk Cave...the recent heavy rain ensured a decent waterfall.

Back on the limestone pavement and a view across Chapel-le-dale to Whernside.

The fields below Souther Scales Farm were a mass of Primroses

I crossed the valley passed Chapel-le-Dale church and headed up towards Ellerbeck

Whernside seen from just below Ellerbeck

I made my way back along the bridleway through Bruntscar, Broadrake and Ivescar. Pausing here to take a photo of the viaduct before returning to the car.


  1. Nothing wrong with those photos, only the time you set off. 8.30!

    1. early Alan? I know the light would have been better if it had been 5.30! I need to get my lazy ass out of bed!

  2. 5.30 would be better but I’m not practicing what I’m preaching.

    1. Generally there's only one 5.30 in my day...and it's not in the morning!
      I'll see what can be done later this week....