Sunday 5 February 2017

A Cross Pennine Raid for More Nuttalls

Back over Hartside again this morning, then North down South Tynedale to Slaggyford. I was able to park just outside the village near Langdyke Head. Then it was off into the hills along what seemed an almost endless track.

Just me and my shadow! out today, here looking North along South Tynedale

The long and straight track, it almost felt like Spring.

From the end of the track I struck up onto the broad ridge of Thornhope Fell.

It was easy going on a quad track as far as here, looking back the views were great.

This looked like a relatively new cairn, but did mark an excellent viewpoint.

The summit of Grey Nag, the trig is built on top of an ancient cairn (looks old anyway!)
No Nags of any colour were seen!!

There is also a substantial sheepfold, this would make an excellent place for a summit camp in wild weather.

This is the "summit" of Tom Smiths Stone, now I don't know who Tom Smith was...but there's no stone here...not even a pebble from what I could see.
The hill in the background is Grey Nag.
It was very wet underfoot though, it was time to retrace my steps back to the car....
Back over Grey Nag...still no Nags!
I stopped for my lunch behind the wall/cairn for shelter.

Although no Nags (Grey or otherwise) were encountered, I don't think I've ever seen so many Grouse. This means either the "guns" around here are crap shots or possibly all the predators heave been eliminated....I hope its the former rather than the latter :-(

I was back at the car for 1.30 so had plenty of time to drive to near Tyne Head South of Garrigill, with a chance to climb Round Hill.
The derelict farmstead of Dorthgill is in the foreground...a shame.

I followed the South Tyne Trail up Tyne Head before leaving the well maintained road to ascend the fellside above Calvertfold following some old lead workings including this hush/openwork.

Beyond the old mines I followed the fence up to the summit of Round Hill. There was a grand view here today, the distant sheet of water in Cow Green Reservoir.

The wall which runs over Round Hill had caught the snow from yesterday evening.
I descended by the same fence, but followed it all the way back to the Tyne Head road.

Just above the road is Calvert Lead Mine, the old mine shop is in a sad state and the adit to the right of it is in a collapsed state...won't be long before there'll be little to see here.
Having said all that have a look here this picture was taken 8 years ago! Not that different! 

Hard to believe it but this tumbling steam is the infant River Tyne or at least half of it.
Another great day, I'm really enjoying being back in the Pennines.

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