Sunday 19 February 2017

Three Pikes and Viewing Hill.....Should Be Reported For Fraud!!

Teesdale today for a couple more Nuttalls. There was quite a bit of blue sky as far as Middleton-in-Teesdale, but as I headed up the dale the the cloud was sat on all the tops. I parked in a handy layby near Hill Top and its Mobile Phone Mast!

Typical Upper Teesdale scene with the cloud down on Viewing Hill which I would climb later in the day.

Once on the open fell I followed this old hush which runs parallel to the Trough Mine to the North.
It gave a bit of shelter from the moisture laden air.

Out of the hush and onto the open fell, this fine Bellpit was one of several here.

This is the cairn close to the top of Three Pikes...I couldn't find anything worthy of a photo on what was the actual "high point". There was no sign of a pike either singular or plural!!
I returned to the car the same way, out and back in under 40mins a easy top.

Then a short drive rund to the car park at Cow Green Reservoir. The sun was doing its best to make an appearance reflecting on the water.

Lots of signage....although if I had heeded it I would never have got to my intended top.

The remains of Dubbysike lead mine last worked in the late 1940's I believe. The shooting hut is in good order considering its relative proximity to the car park.

This is the point at which I left the track to find the summit of Viewing Hill. The sheepfold has made use of some old mine buildings I think.

It didn't take long to reach the cairn marking the highpoint of Viewing Hill...NO view!!
It was very wet underfoot hereabouts!

Back down to the track the same way. The wall encloses the flooded Swans Shaft of Green Hurth Mine. Cow Green Reservoir is just below the cloud in the distance.
There is more information on Green Hurth Mine here 
Looking across the dressing floors to the huge wheelpit, historic images here 

Looking back up the incline from the mine tips and dressing floors to Swans Shaft and the track which I followed back to the car at Cow Green.
So no "Pikes" and no "View" but a good day all the same. I've always liked this area :-)

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