Thursday 1 May 2014

TGO Challenge Food

Just over a week to go before I travel up to Shiel Bridge, so this morning I've been getting my food together, and parcelled up to be posted next week. I'm pretty much taking what I always eat on multi-day walks, I'll be supplementing these rations with local bought items when I can. Perhaps there'll be an odd tip in there for someone.  Anyway enough messing about with weighing scales, boxes and packing tape, I'm off out for some fresh air!

Quick Tea, Coffee and Milk powder, ( for coffee and breakfast Oats).....the Millicano refill pack has a handy zip top, Quick Tea and Milk powder will be decanted into suitable zip bags!

Each bag has slightly different contents, they weigh on average 596g.

I'm not going to bore folk by going thro' the items 1 by1!
Top row is breakfast, bottom row evening food . The middle row dayfood/snacks. I generally work on the little and often policy...roughly one item every hour or so.
So there we have it about 650g per idea about the amount of calories!


  1. I'm in the middle of the same process as well, Al.
    The trouble is, my mountain of Mars & Marathons seem to be considerably smaller than when it was purchased...
    Another trip to Poundland then and perhaps a larger pair of trousers.

    1. You'll notice there's no mention of Peanut M & M's.....Arrgh..oh I've done it!! These are my downfall, I consumed one of the bags the other evening, I've still got another...probably won't survive until Friday morning tho.
      Oh well, Morrison's in Fort Bill it'll be then!
      We'll all work it all off....won't we?
      Looking forward to meeting you and other Challengers out on the trail...or indeed in the fleshpots of Braemar :-)

  2. Your rations look remarkably similar to mine! Even down to the sachet of drinking chocolate. But you omit my luxury of the tube of Carnation condensed milk. Sweet and comforting!

  3. Condensed your talking. However I don't think it would last 5 minutes! I could be tempted of course...Hamish Brown once said food is easier carried in your belly than on your back. Thats where the condensed milk would be in very short order :-)

  4. Morning and evening is similar to me but through the day i don’t tend to eat much except the odd cup of soup or a Cup Shotz or trail mix on the go. I do like the coffee idea. I will consider that on my next trip.

    1. I think I must spend to long in supermarkets Alan! :-)
      I have rarely brewed up during the day, water from the travel-tap for me. It's a good job we're all different tho', it's always good to hear others ideas and points of view.
      Soon be off now, 4 more work days for me...