Sunday 27 April 2014

Whernside in the Gloom!

The objective for today's walk was to check that the waterproofs which I intend to take on the forthcoming TGO challenge are in fact still waterproof. Whernside is less than 30min drive away, so that was where I went. For this test to work I needed it to rain, the forecasters said it would.....and it did. Great..both jacket and overtrousers kept the wind driven rain at bay! Sadly the gloom ensured no views, and the photos are rubbish!

As I left Ribblehead the scene is of course dominated by the tremendous viaduct. Whernside is beyond smothered in a blanket of low cloud and wet mist. Perfect for today's purpose!

As I gained height the small patch of water of Greensett Tarn appears. I thought at this point I was going to be cheated of my required rain....however within a few hundred yards it started and continued for a good 40 minutes or so.
That was the end of taking any photos tho as I put the camera away safe and sound.
Good exercise tho and a good test. So all good.

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