Thursday 3 April 2014

Kentmere Reservoir

Todays wander was in the Kentmere valley, including a circuit of the Reservoir. My old mate Bill was out with me today, we had a good natter and catch up as we walked. We were plagued by the dense polluted air which has been featured on the news. The photos are very poor I'm afraid but serve as a memory jogger for me if nothing else!

Having parked near Long Houses we followed the road to the church. I always think it's a gaunt looking building.

Splendid sign for eggs...Rhode Island Reds?

Beyond Hartrigg Farm the tarmac turns to rough track on the way to the reservoir. We had lunch here at Reservoir Cottage looking across to the quarries on the other side of the valley.

Looking back from the Northern end of the reservoir as we made an anti-clockwise circuit.

The only clear picture of the day...small falls on the infant River Kent.

Walking back down the East side of Kentmere we passed the quarries opposite Reservoir Cottage. I first visited these quarries on a school geology trip from The Lakes School when I was 12 years old...much tapping by hammers was done as I remember!

Leaving the head of the valley behind, these old pines always make me look back....

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