Wednesday 28 May 2014

TGO Challenge Day 4 Tues 13th May

Above Glen Moriston to Fort Augustus  19.5km - 384m ascent - 599m descent
There had been very little rain overnight, I'd slept well and I knew I only had a half days walk to Fort Augustus. I wished I didn't have to return to civilisation so soon.

As the inversion of the early morning dispersed, I was treated to a grand view to the West. The Cluanie hills still carrying alot of snow.

I descended to the minor road at Tomchrasky. I had an interesting chat with the farmer, he was very well informed about the Challenge. Although he was more interested to know if I'd seen any Adders, some tree planters had seen a number of them basking in the sun the day before.

It was a pleasent walk through the scattered hamlet of Dalchreichan in the warm sun, this was the life!
I cossed the River Moriston at Torgyle Bridge.

A short stretch on the A887, heading West! again, until I was able to enter the forest to follow this old drove road....I didn't need any assistance, even at my great age!

I then picked up the old military road, which looked like it had been recently received quite a bit of work to keep it in good order.

AS I reached the higher parts of the Inchnacardoch Forest I was confronted with a mass of pylons and new roads...they sure know how to make a bloody mess of the landscape. I met Paul Atkinson (link to his blog) here again, we chatted about his route since I'd last seen him and gear. (of course!)

I'd stopped on the way down to Jenkin Park, the way East was revealed.  Paul had carried on. I think he could smell the fish and chips in Fort Augustus.

I had a bed booked at Morag's, and a parcel waiting for me. I arrived about 1.30, fortunately reception was open so I was able to collect the parcel and have a shower.

Doesn't take long to make a scrow!

With the bulk of the afternoon to chill, I had a walk beside the canal. There's always lots going on hereabouts.

After eating my own share of fish and chips I caught the last of the evening warmth before sleeping in a bed again...what a strange idea.
The weather had been fantastic...surely this dry spell wouldn't continue?

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