Monday 26 May 2014

TGO Challenge Day 2 Sun 11th May

Gleann Sithidh to Loch Affric     20.6km - 1374m ascent - 1464m descent
I slept pretty well, surrounded by deer "belling". The last forecast I'd heard had suggested that there may be thunder today...not ideal for a day to be spent above 3000'. The cloudbase was round about 2500'...I was in a Quandry!

Yours truly making his breakfast, debating if I should take my point in climbing Munro's in the mist is there? I paced up and set off  still undecided.
Why is a lot of my gear black, it looks rubbish in photo's!

Here I'm looking down towards Mullardoch, the morning seemed to be improving.

Looking back to the West the sky was breaking, decision made...a Munroing I would go. Shame I'd already dropped over 50m in height.

Looking East showers were hanging from the sky, but the wind was so light they never really bothered me.

As the shower passed the end of the ridge I'd just climbed the sun produced this weak rainbow.

The Munro summit of Mullach Dheiragain, with the ridge i would cross later in the day. the cloud was coming and going across the ridge I was to follow. My direction now SW!

The Carn Eige group of hills, I was now very glad I'd decided to go high.

Another shower, another rainbow. Most of the rain was passing to the North of me though.

Soon enough the summit of Sgurr nan Ceathreamhan arrived. wonderful views to the South of the Glen Sheil hills and beyond.

I turned to look back along the ridge I'd walked as it stretched back towards Mullardoch.
I met John Graves on the summit, (a fellow Backpackers club member) we were both going the same way and so we walked together for the rest of the day.

This is the route onwards over the last munro for the day An Socach. A couple of daywalkers were just arriving as we left, they had stayed at Alltbeithe.

Here I'm looking a very happy chap...Sgurr nan Ceathreamhan behind. Shortly after the rain started in earnest, it was the worst weather I'd encounter on the Challenge. It lasted almost until we reached the valley floor of Glen Affric. So sadly there's no photo of the summit of An Socach.

 John decided to continue onwards, but I'd spotted this place and camped on the edge of the loch.
A cracking spot...even a jetty to walk out on to get water. Paul Atkinson had also camped near here, we had a chat, he told me of his plans.
I was very pleased with my day, everything was going well and spot on schedule...All Good!


  1. Sgurr nan Ceathreamhan was covered in mist when I did it in 06. We melted snow and had a brew on the summit as you do. Does look good up there! Must go back and see the views. You had a good day there.

    1. Yep..I made the correct decision to go high. There was plenty of snow close to the summit for a brew!! Although I didn't follow your example! Its a cracking walk up that ridge, highly recommended. Another one of the boxes ticked on my Challenge. :-)