Thursday 21 March 2019

Buttermere...A Few Hours With the Camera

After yesterdays "exertions" climbing the 2 lower hills I had thought of adding Gale Fell East Top, West of Scale Force to the day. However arriving at Buttermere the cloud was way below its summit, and basically I just wasn't "feeling it"! So decided to take a few images...a bit of practice with the camera. Here's the results...nothing original I'm afraid and the light was poor really.

Trees at the Southern end of Crummock Water

The lone tree Buttermere

Southwest down Buttermere to Fleetwith Pike

The bottom fall of Sour Milk Gill

Across Buttermere to High Snockrigg...who the hell put that wire there? It's serving no purpose whatsoever...there's a huge gap in the fence just out of shot!


  1. I’ve not caught up with my blog reading yet, been at the hospital with Sheila’s mum. Things not looking good. Must say your pictures are good even with poor light. It takes time to get to grips with photography and a new camera. I wish I could get back out trying mine.

    1. Hi Alan, sorry to hear about Sheila's mum. A difficult time i'm sure, I can only sympathise with you both. Hope you can get out soon with the camera.

  2. Thanks Alistair, it sure is a testing time.