Wednesday 13 March 2019

Back to Synge Bagging

After a brief hiatus, it was back to Synge Bagging today. It had been a very wild night, and it was still windy this morning as I parked up in Stonethwaite. My intention was to try and climb my last 3 Synges in the Central Fells...but then best laid plans....

I climbed the steep path beside Willygrass Gill. Most people would stay on this path to either visit Dock Tarn or Great Crag...or maybe cross over to Watendlath. Of course I had other plans, no lovely path for I strode through thigh deep heather to climb "Knotts" Eventually arriving at this point...not the top sadly.
But this is the top of Knotts. looking back across more deep heather to the point I was at a few minutes before. I descended to an old sheepfold and had some lunch. Might have been the wind (although I had a hat on and my hood up) but I was suffering with a real bad headache :-(
I felt I should descend to the valley rather that press on for the other tops...they'll be there another day I'm sure.

It was steep rough ground, this spooky old tree about the only thing of note, although the sun was trying to make an was still incredibly windy though.

Once back in the Stonethwaite valley it was easy walking on the bridleway then the road back to the car. I drove into Keswick and had a mooch about, then drove home.
It's not like me to be "ailing", and as I write this I feel considerably better.

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