Thursday 19 January 2017

Little Fell, A Pennine Nuttall

Out with Bill today, the first time for a long while. I might struggle to get him out for a while again after today mind! We parked near Aisgill Moor Cottages and headed East on the bridleway/footpath towards Hell Gill.

Hell Gill Beck, soon to be the River Eden
Heading up the long shallow slope towards the broad ridge of Lunds there's quite a bit of this!

Bill on the "summit" of Little Fell, it was a shame we didn't get the view to the East towards Great Shunner Fell. There's not much of a cairn....but then thre aren't many stones here either! 

We dropped down into upper Hell Gill and followed the beck back towards Hell Gill itself.
This sheepfold one of two we saw is falling into ruin sadly.

Here almost back at "The Highway" the stream tumbles down into the narrow limestone gorge of Hell Gill proper.

This plaque is adjacent to the old bridge over Hell Gill. It depicts Dick Turpin and no doubt Black Bess I believe, who is said to have roamed hereabouts.

Almost back at the car and a short diversion to see Hell Gill Force.
It needs more water in it to look it's best
Another Nuttall ticked off..I'll soon be in single figures:-)

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