Sunday 22 January 2017

A Short Stroll to Malham Cove

We just managed to get parked near Water Sinks near Malham Tarn. Most folk headed North towards the tarn, but we ambled off in a broadly Southerly direction towards Malham.

The limestone would normally mean dry conditions underfoot....

Malham Cove from the Eastern Rim. Hard to see probably on this photo but there were folk everywhere!

We soon left the crowds behind on the rim, heading back up the dry valley under Ing Scar.

Under Comb Hill we passed the dry waterfall I remember climbing as a little lad on a family visit here almost 50 years ago.

Water Sinks, where the stream from Malham Tarn disappears underground. This water won't be seen again until it re-emerges at Aire Head rising.
Just a short walk, but as always on limestone lots of interest.

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