Tuesday 27 December 2016

The Naddle Horseshoe

I've done this before ....it was probably 30 years ago or more. It was probably one of those walks when you get back you think to yourself..."I won't ever need to do that again"! This is a walk for lovers of Elephant Grass and Bog, but it is quiet and the absence of paths is a pleasant change for the Lakes.

I parked the car at the foot of the Naddle valley and headed East onto the South ridge. There was a glimpse of Haweswater in the distance.

Contrary to what I've said above there is a track almost to the summit of Harper Hills.
I had a spot of lunch here, and studied the way onwards...I couldn't remember what I did last time!

Powley Hills....Rough! Next top Hare Shaw in the distance.

There are several areas of planting on here, Holly and Juniper from what I could see. 

The view West from Hare Shaw High Street and Kidsty Pike prominent.

Good to get to this gate which never seemed to get any closer for a long while. High Naddle Forest (the next top...not marked on the map!) is to the right of this image.

The top of High Naddle Forest...the size of the cairn gives a clue to the amount of visitors.

Wallow Crag...how come its got such a fine cairn?
Here we look East.

This is the fine old cairn on Hugh Laithes Pike, an excellent viewpoint. The hanging valley containing Measand Beck is to the right of the cairn.
From here it was a treacherous descent through the trees which was slippy beyond belief back to the car. Not a single person seen, 

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