Sunday 18 December 2016

Scratching an Itch...Or Itching a Scratch...Whatever....

Out on the bike this morning, which left only the afternoon for a walk. I decided on Red Screes from Kirkstone with a return over Middle Dodd and Kirkstone Beck. I had just parked when Oscar and his owner @munro277 appeared out of the gloom. We had a good chat until the cold wind got the better of us. I set off up Red Screes with a modified plan because of the dense low cloud. I would just go up to the summit and back....

As I gained a bit of height the cloud thinned, things were looking better.

Once at the summit of Red Screes I could see blue sky above but all around was cloud.
I had a butty and waited to see if it would didn't.
I reverted to my original plan and set off towards Middle Dodd.

It started to clear....

Although as I looked back to Red Screes it was still in cloud.

Brotherswater framed by the dispersing cloud from the "summit" of Middle Dodd (This is a Wainwright with virtually no ascent in coming down from Red Screes!)

Further down the ridge and below the cloud even Place Fell was clear.

This of all things was the reason for todays walk....The Itch I Had to Scratch...this path beside Kirkstone beck was one of the few I have never walked within the Souhern Lakes.
And very pleasent it was as well!

Further up the path passes the Kirkstone...some idiot painted it white a few years ago, thankfully most of the paint has worn off.
Just over the brow I was back at the car.