Sunday 11 December 2016

Round Brotherswater

Dull and overcast today, but as we're close to Christmas the Lakes are relatively quiet. So over Kirkstone we drove to park near Caudale Beck. A clockwise wander was taken...

Through Sykeside Campsite (no tents, several VW Campers tho) and across to Hartsop Hall.
Middle Dodd on the left and High Hartsop Dodd to the right.

Across Brotherswater to Angletarn Pikes and Brock Crags

Lunch was taken with a great view back to Kirkstone, Caudale Moor and red Screes.

Hartsop Dodd reflected in the outflow of Brotherswater 

Back via Hartsop and the East shore, good views across the lake to Dovedale on here.
Only a short walk, nice and level for P.
Back over Kirkstone, down The Struggle to Ambleside for a bit of retail therapy. 

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