Sunday 24 April 2016

Exploring Scandale Beck From Soulby

 A late start meant that we missed the worst of the rain, which wasn't forecast! Still after a bit of a faff we parked outside the village hall (against the signs I'm afraid) in Soulby, just a couple of miles West of Kirkby Stephen. All new paths again today, as we headed upsteam.....

The sturdily built three arch bridge in Soulby, it has managed to survive the floods of last year.

Just a little way up the lane towards Soulby Mill is this tribute to make do & mend!

Lots of Primrose's on the banks beside the paths, tracks and streams.

Scandale Beck, with the trees and bushes still full of wreck from the storms.

We left the banks of the beck and followed this old lane towards Crosby Garrett. As you can see one side of the path has had its hedge laid, the other side certainly needed doing.

Lots of May blossom out as well now...still a bit chilly to cast any clouts though!

As we headed back to the beck at Chapel Well we were treated to this view to the distant Pennines beyond Scandale.

Smardale Viaduct from Chapel Well, (which is actually a spring from what we could see).
We followed paths, bridleways and byways back to Soulby on the other side of the beck.
It had managed to stay dry whilst we were out, It would appear these paths are little used, we saw no one indeed very few bootprints even.


  1. Quiet and you had a nice day for it as well. We got battered with snow there just a couple of weeks ago.

    1. There are some great lowland walks in the Eden valley, its a great favourite of ours. We were blessed with the weather...which always helps!