Thursday 21 April 2016

A Wander Beside the Upper Hodder

We headed for Bowland today and parked at Dunsop Bridge. The weather was great, the sun definitely had it's hat on. Riverside paths formed the basis for today's walk, as flat as possible for P!
Lots of pictures of bridges coming up......

Dunsop Bridge claims to be the centre of the UK...What parameters are used I don't know.

If Brunel made footbridges, this is what they would look like!
This does double duty by carrying a water pipe over the River Hodder.

The Hoder just South of Dunsop Bridge. There were lots of Martins making nests in the sandy banks along this stretch.

Quite an imposing pile. Knowlmere Manor

Further along the drive is this curiously named "Giddy Bridge"...Why?

Then it was back down to the river to cross this unnamed bridge, although an apt name would be "The Wibbly Wobbly Bridge"!

Back down the North bank of the Hodder. We paused to look at this concrete effort which carry's the water pipes across the river built in 1926 by the Fylde Water Authority.
Its only a short distance back to Dunsop Bridge, where ice cream was consumed!


  1. Terrific area. Not too far from me but i have only ever walked there the once. Fantastic bridges especially the first one.

    1. It's a peaceful place to be, quite quick or us to get there. Most people head for the hills from Dunsop bridge. As indeed I usually have done!
      As I've mentioned before, it's always good to see something new. The cast iron footbridge was a real treat!