Sunday 24 January 2016

RSF Ride in Grizedale

Our off road ride started today from Force Forge. There was only 4 of us as we left to do a circuit of the Grizedale valley, heading first over to Satterthwaite.

The initial climb was up a forestry road, before this morass greeted us!
It was only for 50m or so and hardly surprising considering the deluge we've suffered over the past few months.

Having left Satterthwaite behind us we climbed Moor Lane. This rises in 3 stages (most of it rideable) to reach Parkamoor.

Parkamoor was as wet as ever! Here Nick and Eileen ford one of the shallower "puddles" 

At Parkamoor Farm we headed North, and with the wind behind us forged on in the mist and murk! (sorry about the blurry pic!)

We descended the bridleway through Park Plantation.

To arrive at the Grizedale Visitor Centre, and the welcome cafe.

We left the visitor centre on the road heading up to Moor Top, before bridleways Southwards brought us back down the Eastern side of the forest. The descent of Breasty Haw bringing us back to Satterthwaite

We could have gone back to the cars by road, but instead opted to reverse our first bridleway instead.
Not that far today, but a good ride in good company.
For those interested in our route the Strava track is here


  1. Look like it was a bit wet under all that low cloud hanging over the lakes on Sunday.We mange to stay dry with lunch cafe stop in Arnside.

    1. It was certainly misty Simeon, but it was dry all day. Very enjoyable and almost all rideable...on a rigid MTB anyway!
      Lancashire Group is riding to Silverdale/Arnside next Sunday the 31st, I hope to attend so I'll be looking forward to my lunch in Arnside then.

    2. You find me and Peter in Refreshment Room at around 10am next Sunday if want join us for brew before ride.