Thursday 28 January 2016

Jackdaw Scar, Kings Meaburn

We had to be in Appleby today, but with a couple of hours to spare we repeated a walk we did 5or 6 years ago (we think!). The weather was against us, very wet.....what a change :-)
Anyway here's a few pics before the camera had to be hidden from the deluge.

Having parked in Kings Meaburn a little bit of road followed by some very muddy field paths led us down to Chapel Bridge.

The River Lyvennet runs below the village through a relatively narrow valley.
There was evidence throughout of the recent high water levels, here it had scoured the path clean.

I had a quick mooch up to the climbing crag part of the looked grim!

Quite alot of fungi about today as well, presumably because of the mild weather?
Not a long walk but good to get out in the fresh air as always.

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