Sunday 17 January 2016

Fatty Feels Snow On It's Tyre's For the First Time

Fatbikes aren't for folk who don't want to chat when they meet people on the trail. I'll soon have had my Felt Double Double 30 for 12 months, a recurring theme is peoples reaction to the fat tyres. Usually "they must be hard to pedal", no they aren't...."that looks heavy", actually its lighter than most full suspension bikes. And of course..." isn't it just for riding on snow?".....well no they make great trail bikes.
But yesterday it snowed, so off to Kentmere I went to ride my nearest "proper" trails to see if a Fatbike is good on snow?

Brow Head Lane gives a good opportunity to gain height on tarmac, today once past Brow Head the climb was on pretty much pristine snow.

Then along Grassgarth Lane which gave me access to Kentmere Park, the weather was looking poorer as a front started to make inroads from the SW.

The village of  Kentmere is well seen with Shipman Knotts and Kentmere Pike as you descend to Kentmere Hall. It pays to keep your mind on the job in hand down here, recent storms have washed some of the track out....leading to me taking a tumble!

Picked myself up and dusted the snow off....silly old fool!

The start of the big climb of the day Garburn Pass, definitely easy with a bit of snow and ice to bind the loose rocks and stones together

Of course it's not all rideable uphill on this side of the pass, not by me anyway.

But once on the top its ALL rideable, just over 6" of snow on level ground I'd say?
The flat light led to one or two interesting moments as the drifts were almost impossible to spot. 

From the Dubbs Road a bit of tarmac to High Borrans and then back onto the outward bridleways and back along Brow Head Lane to the car. Quite alot of the snow had gone down in the valley.
So is a Fatbike any good in snow....Oh YES, its superb!!


  1. A Fatbike on snow... can any portrait look more perfect? Riding it though can be a bit challenging (just a bit), but definitely more fun.

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    1. Yep Lisa, made for one another like Fish & Chips!