Sunday 16 March 2014

MYOG Caddy for Caldera Cone

I bought a Caldera Cone last year, its a great piece of kit. However the supplied Caddy is a bulky old thing. The theory is that you can use the caddy as a "bowl" and the lid as a "mug". I've tried this and I don't like it, in particular the threads are difficult to clean. I also love my old MSR Titan mug. So thinking cap on....I came up with this.

Here we see the comparison in size between the "proper" caddy and the MSR Titan mug and cut down plastic container. (Originally from Asda (Walmart) I think) It is a perfect interference fit.

There is a weight penalty to pay for this smaller caddy, it weighs 3g more! So thats not to bad then. Plus you get a handy measuring bowl to, and no awkward threads to clean.
As I use the Caldera Cone with an Evernew pan thats my bowl anyway.But best of all I can still have my brew in my Titan mug.


  1. I have the same issue. I like your solution and i will endeavour to come up with something similar. Thanks. Did you get a 12-10 stove and if so what did you do with it?
    I don’t like eating and drinking out of anything that has been in contact with meths, even if not directly.

  2. Clever! Although I keep my pee bottle in my mug. Washed of course!

    1. Thats dicing with danger in my book David! :-))

  3. Hi Alan, yes I got the 12-10 stove and find it very good, nice and frugal to. If I use it with this system I put it in a zipseal bag and keep it in the Evernew pan. I've got to say like you, I don't like the taste/smell of meths on anything I'm going to eat from.
    I find solid fuel burnt in the Gram Cracker "stove" to be my favourite with the Caldera Cone.
    Glad you like the idea