Wednesday 19 March 2014

Carrying Meths!

Although in general I prefer using solid fuel with my Caldera Cone, I do sometimes use meths with a 12-10 stove. As mentioned in the comments of a previous post I don't like the taint of meths, so I use the method below for transporting the fuel.
I'm probably not the first person to come up with this solution.
This is a very old 500ml Platypus, well past it's best for drinking water, but still gives good service transporting meths.
It weights 19g empty with the pullcap shown, (salvaged from a soft drinks bottle) I like the match as well!
So durable, light, cheap and takes up less space as you use your fuel...what's not to like!?


  1. It looks like its tried and tested and good points too. I’m not sure i would go with it though as one small leak means you loose the lot.
    My method of transporting meths is to use 3 small containers that have previously been bought by Sheila for removing nail varnish. They are 200ml each and quite tough with a removable neck bung for filling. I use this method for these reasons.
    1, if i accidentally knock it over i don’t loose that much and i have other bottles as backup.
    2, Its quicker to heat up cold meths when in small quantities, usually in my sleeping bag over night,
    3. Two small bottles fill up those little voids we have in the rucksack whilst one fits into the Caldera cone when its coiled up and always readily available to use.
    4. The bottles don’t cost anything. Sheila uses them up quite often.

    ps. i managed to come up with a similar idea to your cone storage post. It’s 10 grams heavier than original but i used what i had at hand. I will find something a bit lighter over the next few weeks.

    1. Hi Alan, good point about a leak/spill. I haven't spilt any yet but that means nothing really!
      I like the Platypus because it fits in a side pocket of the pack easily, if there are any leaks the're at least outside the pack.
      On a separate note the fuel bottle that came with the Caldera cone leaked from day one!
      Good idea using several smaller bottles...specially if free! :-)
      Glad the other post on the caddy has helped.

  2. My problem with meths is that it burns dirty. However, I have been experimenting with bio ethanol. It certainly burns clean and hot too.

    1. Hi Dawn
      You're right there Dawn meths and solid fuel for that matter do burn dirty. Thats not really a problem to me the base/side of my Evernew pan have blackened. But thats a good thing from the point of heat absorption. As the pan is stored in its cosy everything else stays clean.
      I should try some bio-ethanol at sometime.