Sunday 16 March 2014

Brim Fell and Coniston Old Man

This morning the weather seemed OK, in fact much as the forecaster on Radio Cumbria described.... however there was a steady depreciation in conditions whilst I was out. Once on the ridge, it was blowing a hoolie driving dense wet air in from the Irish Sea. Always good to be out though....I think?

Having parked in Coniston I walked up Coppermines Valley, eventually arriving at the entrance to Deep Level, where much of the copper ore was brought to daylight from the Bonser workings. There's been a landslip fairly recently which has damaged the portal, a great shame. The entrance is less than a metre high now, It used to be possible to walk in at full height.....Although DEFINITELY Not advised!!!

Following the beck up thro the workings I thought the weather was improving. It didn't. Here we look down into Coppermines Valley.

This is the huge wheelpit that contained the waterwheel to power the "engine shaft" . Beyond the water leat tower is the Triddle incline. This was my route onwards, there's always lots to see in the Coniston fells

From the top of the incline it's only a short walk over the shoulder to Levers Water. Here I'm pondering which way i should go. The cloudbase low as you can see. I opted for the South/Southwestern path round the tarn and then up Gill Cove to Levers Hause then back over Brim Fell and the Old Man.

Here in Gill Cove conditions deteriorated, I should have turned back..there were no views from this point on. Only driving rain and wind over Brim Fell (perhaps that should be Grim Fell today!) and Coniston Old Man.

The tourist path down from the Old Man was the easy option, no point carrying on over fells I've visited dozens of times in weather like that! There were lots of pilgrims plodding up the path to the summit, many of them asked me "how far is it to the top!". My answer do you want that in height, distance or time!
 I dropped off the quarry track back into  Coppermines Valley and followed Church Beck back to the car.

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