Friday 22 May 2020

Windy Whitbarrow Wander

 First "Wainwright" since the "lockdown"....albeit an "Outlyer" today. Unbelievably windy on the top, but a bracing walk all the same. Whitbarrow is local to me, visible from home...about 7km away as the Crow flies! I used the trade route from Millside up the zig-zag path which climbs the Southern face. Once on the broad ridge the full force of the wind made it's self felt, walking in anything resembling a straight line was impossible!
 I'm afraid the images are "soft", a consequence of the battering wind...

Looking North along Whitbarrow from the first highpoint (marked 200m on the OS map)

This was my lunch spot, behind me is the wall. It provided an effective windbreak.
The summit looks a lot closer now.

Even closer here! The summit is called Lords Seat. I didn't linger, but jogged down in a Westerly direction to descend to the valley near Whitbarrow Hall. Back through the woodland to Beck Head. 

Where this splendid chap was on the wall of the barn...all made of wood!

Bistort (I think) beside the stream at Beck Head.
This image taken with a short telephoto is included to show how this type of lens compresses perspective...these flower heads were over distance of at least 4 metres...
....scale the flower heads up into people on a beach and you'll realise the misinformation we're all being fed by the press and media at the behest of.....
Take Care and Stay Alert as they say

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