Thursday 14 May 2020

Catching Up on the Recent Daily Cycling and Walking Exercise

I seem to have fallen behind on the documenting of my Daily Exercise outings since 28th April. My how time fly's! The amazing dry spell of weather has continued, we have only had half a days proper rain since 19th March. I have been out every day, although I haven't taken photographs on all of them...particularly when on the road bike! Below is a selection hopefully in chronological order...

The Lancaster Canal between Holme and Farleton looking North just before it is "cut"by the M6

Another view North across some truly rural land to the Lakes hills in the distance beyond the broad dome of Scout Scar.

A fore-shortened view of the conical shaped hill of Helm near Oxenholme, its Trig point catching the sun. 

The 2nd May I headed West on part of the "Limestone Link" (between Kirkby Lonsdale and Arnside) largely abandoned now by SLDC it would seem?
Here it crosses a significant area of limestone pavement named as "Marble Quarry" on the OS map...I have been unable to find any real quarry on my visits, so a bit of a mystery.

My real "target" for the day was a visit to the"Fairy Steps". Here we look down the narrow cleft. If you can either descend or ascend with out touching the sides you are granted a wish....but then "If wishes were horses, beggers would ride!"

I returned via Dallam Park, looking back another great view of the Lakes hills.

4th May and another walk up Farleton Knott, this perched limestone boulder caught my eye.

This larger perched boulder is heavily glaciated, Ingleborough away in the distance.

Hawthorn blossom in it's less common pink form.

The Bluebells are coming to the end of their season...they probably won't feature on the blog until next year now.

As the sign indicates...these lock gates were in use until 1942 here at Tewitfield.
Sadly there are no lock gates...or indeed locks here anymore due to construction of the M6 in the 1960's, although the canal still has water in it.

The River Keer as it passes under the Carnforth-Leeds railway

Anther day and another ride on the Giant Defy Advanced carbon...over to the Lyth Valley. This bridge is on the minor road across the valley...and the river is the curiously named River Pool!

Finally a photo from a stop on my regular circuit here at Arnside...different bike (obv's) a Giant Contend SL alloy. Not as fast as the Defy, but a more compliant ride for sure.
Back up to date then....the "lockdown" rules have been relaxed a little, enabling more scope for outside travel/exercise...whist still maintaining social/physical distancing...however I shall see what happens over the weekend before widening my area of activity to greatly.
Tek Care and Stay Safe.....Oh and Be Alert! 

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