Wednesday 12 February 2020

Skiddaw Lower Man and Lonscale Fell

I cheated a bit with today's bagging trip, I parked at the top of the Underscar Road behind Latrigg! I justified this to myself with the thought that it was likely to be so wild and windy even attempting anything high in the conditions was a bit mad. Not the longest walk, but planned to leave me a grand round of the remaining Skiddaw hills for a better day. Not many photos, just keeping upright and my hands warm on the ascent was a challenge.

The Hawell monument beside the path shortly after you leave the car park.
The Helvellyn range behind...not much snow cover as you can see.

It was a struggle all the way up the path to Skiddaw Lower Man. The wind was ferocious and bitterly cold, MWIS was forecasting -13 felt every bit of it.
I had to lie down to take this picture!

Rather than go back down the path I headed due East to pick up the Skiddaw path and found it a lot more sheltered. Once on Jenkin Hill I followed the fence and a rather feint path (for the Lakes) to Lonscale Fell. Seen here with the fence climbing it, easy going...I even had the wind behind me. 

Looking North from the summit of Lonscale Fell to Great Calva and Knott.
Almost all downhill from here....

....back to the col then down beside Whit Beck. Again another thread of a path..great!
I'm often told "you won't see much running rather than walking". But I can't agree...this was a fleeting scene with the sun lighting up Latrigg. Just this would have made the day worthwhile...of course there were another 2 hills bagged.
An easy jog/run back to the car. The Strava track/stats of my trip can be found here should anyone wish to check it out.

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