Wednesday 26 February 2020

Harter Fell....Above Dunnerdale

I should probably have gone for a longer walk today. But Harter Fell was the last of the "outlier" 2000' least the way I've planned my campaign! I parked at the car park adjacent to Hinning House Bridge and set off to climb Harter Fell by the "trade route". A few photos from the day...

North from Hinning House Bridge and the slope of Grey Friar.

It's a steep pull to the fence....but very direct.
The Coniston Fells in the background.

The rocky was windy, I knew it would be the MWIS forecast said -20c didn't feel anything like that to be fair. This was however another image taken from a prone position

One of the slightly lower outcrops, with a coating of rime.

Out of the wind and a different route back...a mistake as it happened, the snow was wet and slobbery from here on...2 falls, there was no cohesion between the snow and saturated boggy ground. Luckily I had a change of clothes in the real harm done!

I picked up the bridleway which led South back towards Birks.
This photo looking down the Duddon Valley was taken from the "viewpoint" just off the bridleway.
Just a short jog back to the car from here.
As I said earlier this was the last of the "outliers", so with some better weather hopefully I will be able to really make some inroads into the rest of the hills on my list.
The Strava track and stats can be found here my advice would be not to use my descent route it was definitely "sub-optimal!!

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