Thursday 18 May 2017

Over to the West Cumbria Coast on the Motorbike

The weather today was superb, I made the best of the sunshine on the motorbike. Taking the opportunity to ride over to the coast. Here's a few photos of the day.....

I rode over Kirkby Moor and across by Woodland.
The Duddon estuary and Black Combe are the backdrop.

Amazing amount of blossom on this Hawthorn tree in the Duddon Valley

This view from the road over Birker Moor to the Scafell range always commands attention.

The coast at Seascale....

.....and here at Drigg.....

.....and Ravenglass.
It always surprises me the juxtaposition between the Hills and the Coast. It shouldn't, I've visited both for over 50 years.
Anyway a great day, I'm really enjoying the new motorbike.

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