Sunday 21 May 2017

A Wander From Halton Gill

Today's stroll from Halton Gill in Littondale was on new ground for us. I've never been further up the valley than Foxup so.....
Having parked at Halton Gill we followed the River Skirfare upstream across the close cropped turf

Beyond Foxup we climbed through the hamlet and then followed the path as it contoured through Harrop Barns. This eventually drops down to cross Cosh Beck. Our intention had been to visit Cosh and its caves, but we ran out of time!
So we walked back down the farm track passing this new...ish bridge.

And this old bridge!
It's a really quiet valley, and we'll be back when we have more time.


  1. No I have never been up there as far as I can remember. It does look a delight and worthy of a return visit.

    1. I will be back Alan, we want to have a look at the caves. Cosh Farm didn't appear to be being used as far as we could tell...