Thursday, 20 April 2017

The Crookdale Horseshoe

A walk close...ish to home was required today. Checking the maps out this morning, I thought ahh...The Crookdale Horseshoe! I have walked this once before a long time ago, on a poor day in the clag. I felt it would be good to see if there was anything to see other than the wet ground I seemed to remember....

I parked close to Hause Foot under Shap summit, the car soon receded as I ascended the steep Eastern slopes of High House Bank.

A bit of rough ground and I was on the top of High House Bank.
A good view down Borrowdale and down Mintdale towards Kendal

This is the summit of Robin Hood, any similarity to Sherwood Forest is entirely coincidental! 

This was my turning point today Lords seat, with an excellent view down Upper Borrowdale.

I crossed Crookdale Beck near the derelict sheepfolds and made a beeline for Great Yarlside

The summit of Great cairn...nowt! Well a pair of trekking poles but I took them!

Quite a drop down to Little Yarlside, much better going than I remember

At least Little Yarlside has a small cairn.Tthere's a large pit next to the cairn, which I would guess was probably for walling stone?

The last top is Whatshaw Common, no cairn just this pool of water.
Then just an easy walk back down t the car.
Its a grand walk, don't just do it on an off day. Its worth more than that....I'm glad I gave it another chance :-)


  1. Nice to see some photos of parts of my planned route for this weekend. I hope I have good views like this. Cheers.

    1. Enjoy your walk Alan, the ground was surprisingly dry underfoot. Hope you too have a clag free trip! :-)

  2. Had to change it to next weekend. Still, should be able to extend it with it being Bank Hol.

  3. Weather's been good today..although I was at work :-(...looks ok for tomorrow. Hope its good for you next weekend!