Friday, 14 April 2017

Mopping Up Marilyns Round the Cheviots

The first part of the Easter holiday gave me the opportunity to get over to the Cheviots. Having booked the Thursday night in Wooler YHA,I was off early for the long and tortuous  drive over to the Coquet valley.....

I parked in the upper Coquet valley near to Shillmoor.

The broad Eastern ridge was steep at first, but the short cropped grass made for good progress.

Before long I was at the summit of Shillhope Law, as with many Marilyn's the view was excellent. The whaleback in the background is The Cheviot.

Cheviot's? in the Cheviots

A drive back down Coquetdale and having parked in Great Tosson under the Peel Tower I was on the path towards Simonside and ultimately Tosson Hill

The rocky outcrop of Simonside

Tosson Hill is a fair hike across the thankfully dry moor, it was back the same way. 

Another short drive to the North side of Rothbury and I parked in what felt a slightly dodgy spot.
I set off into the forest towards Long Crag wondering if the car would be OK while I was away.

The summit of Long Crag, the last Marilyn for the day. You can't see in this image but the North Sea is over there to the Northeast!
Back to the car the same way, out and back in just over an hour.
It was only 15 miles or so up to Wooler from here, I was glad to relax in the YHA after a long day.

Just a few miles drive this morning to the foot of Housedon Hill, noted for it's Gorse as you can see

A real steep pull, but height gained quickly and I was on the top. There was a stiff breeze, the air was clear giving great views back to the Cheviots

Back close to where I had parked was this wonderful rural scene...couldn't resist.

Next on the agenda Belling Hill, this is as easy as they come from an effort point of view...

But sadly its not the finest viewpoint, due to the conifers. It'll get worse, because behind me as I took this photo were thousands of 2metre high trees! Back to the car the same way

Round to Kielder next, a lot more effort required for this one....Peel Fell. The initial section is through conifer plantations before you arrive at this point and actually see your quarry.
I made a serious error of judgement further on as I used a short forest road to gain the Southern slopes in the photo above....really horrendous going above the tree line :-( 

But as always if you persevere the summit arrives eventually. The view was superb, you could see the Cumbrian Fells, I doubt they'll be visable on this image. The hill with all the adornments is Deadwater Fell. 

I followed the England-Scotland border, which had a path...alot easier!

Once back below the tree line it was really warm out of the breeze. Once I'd completed my loop it was back through the trees to the car. A bite to eat and the drive home.
A great trip dry almost all the time, new places explored and 6 more Marilyns to tick off.


  1. I've got all of those still to look forward to. I wonder if I'll remember your route observations on Peel Fell by the time I get to them.

    1. Hi Gayle, follow the forest road to its terminus near to Rushy Knowe and you'll pick up the path. First through forestry then a clear felled area before the open fell is reached. Of course things may change!!
      My outward route was as bad as any I've ever encountered!

  2. Wonderful, I am envious. I bought this area map over twenty years ago after reading an article in TGO mag. I still haven't been although every year I say "this year". The closest I got was The Cheviot on the Pennine Way.

    1. Hi Alan, its a quiet area. Quite difficult to get to easily from the West. Although I enjoy going over that way on the motorbike. The roads are twisty and lumpy! :-)
      I'm sure you'd like it.