Saturday, 11 March 2017

Meall a Bhuachaille

Today's hill was Meall a Bhuachaille, which I climbed from Glenmore. I walked on the old logging road past Glenmore Lodge towards Lochan Uaine....

Lochan Uaine, last time I was here it was dusk I was on the bike and I was knackered! Today there was no one about, even on a weekend.

Looking back through the Ryvoan Pass to the Cairngorm hills

Ryvoan bothy, remarkablely clean and tidy considering how many people must pass by.

The summit of Meall a Bhuachaille, it was thronged with folk. It took some judicious positioning to keep them out of the frame!
There's not much snow in the Northern Corries as you can see.

It was to early to drop straight back down to the car so continued on the ridge to Creagan Form. It's another great viewpoint... and I had it to myself. After butties in the shelter of the cairn I returned to the col and started to descend.

I met lots of people with huge packs.... Parapente guys. It was an easy walk back through the trees and down to the car.


  1. It's a cracking hill, isn't it? Good views from the top as well, in just about every direction. That summit shelter is handy: it keeps out just about every wind other than (from memory) a north-easterly; but I suppose there has to be a gap somewhere.

    We made the mistake of walking past Meall a Bhuachaille loads of times, either on the way to or from somewhere else. Now we try to walk it any time we're in the area.


    1. Yes Dave its a grand hill, as you say the views are excellent. There was no space in the shelter...there was to many people already in there!