Thursday, 30 March 2017

A Wet Walk Above Dowthwaite Head

Today was one of those days when many would question my sanity!.....But I needed to be out in the elements, without disturbance from anyone else. I certainly picked a wild spot. As I left the car at High Row above Dockray it was pouring with rain. It didn't let up all the time I was out ......

I walked along the valley floor to Dowthwaite Head, the becks were running high.

This is the top of Brown Hills, I've been here before a long time ago...and it wasn't as wet!

Ridge walking but not as we'd like it, it was a lot worse than this for much of the way as well

And this is Swineside...nothing to see here as they say!
From here it was back to Dowthwaite Head with the wind and rain on my back.
Once back at the car I was handily placed for a visit to Penrith where I had a bit of business to sort, with a clear head. The correct decisions were taken and will be noted on the blog over the next couple of months.


  1. I'm planning going up that neck of the woods this weekend. I at least hope I get decent visibility and maybe a bit drier.

  2. Forecast is OKish for Saturday and good for Sunday. Enjoy Alan!