Thursday 3 November 2016

Skippool Creek

A poor forecast had us heading for the coast. We've walked much of it hereabouts, but a glance of the map this morning and I saw a bit of coast untrodden by ourselves near Skippool on the Wyre off we went.

Our arrival at Skippool coincided with some boats being craned into the creek.
good to watch the expertise of both the crane driver and the handlers.

The tide was well in, the creek and the edge of the estuary here has many homemade jetties and piers in various states of repair...or dilapidation!
All very scenic in a quaint kind of way we thought.

Many of the yachts and other craft looked abandoned, a shame.

The path continues round the coast giving us a view back across to the boats beside the creek.
Our route back was via Stanah and Little Thornton, having had a dry walk.
No hills but all new terrain :-)

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