Sunday 20 December 2015

Rough Stuff fellowship Ride Over the Knott

The Knott in question is Arnside Knott, not that easy to fit into a logical circuit from our starting point of Carnforth! The day didn't start well for me...I was bitten by a dog before I even got to the start.
 People need to realise, not everyone out for a walk or cycle in the countryside likes your precious pooch! Keep the bloody things under control! I feel now having had time to think about the attack, and the lack of empathy from the owner that I wish I'd reported the incident to the police. In my book a dog which this case certainly without provocation should be destroyed...and its owner disciplined as well.
Anyway on with the ride.....

Our first track was the "Coach Road" over the shoulder of Warton Crag.
 John had a mechanical....his front shifter coming undone. He was reminded that perhaps he shouldn't have sold his singlespeed! :-) 

A bit blurry, I'm fast these guys! As we climbed up below Heald Brow. Then it was along Bottoms lane as we skirted Silverdale.

The relatively new permissive bridleways near Haweswater were ridden, followed by a stretch of tarmac to Arnside. 

It was a bit breezy on the prom at Arnside.

We had a snack to fortify us for the climb over Arnside Knott.

John and Ian on the track over Arnside Knott...So mission accomplished! 

Our route back was via Dollywood Lane....which was rather flooded. I don't think anyone escaped wet feet through here. A cafe stop was in order, the only place open was Beetham Nurseries cafe. Very busy!
As we left the shelter of the cafe, it threw a light shower. I was close to home here, but rode a little way on with the rest of the group before saying my goodbyes.

I took this picture on the way home, there's still a lot of flooding here on the mosses.


  1. Sorry hear about the dog! So John change his bike again and was the new permissive bridleway the one starting from Challan Hall Allotment? I think,my ride was alot drier that yours,we had ride out to Sunderland about 50 percent was off-road, we manage two good cafe stops and if you not doing anything on Boxing Day, I am going to the cafe at Leighton Moss Visitor Centre, the ride starts from inside the cafe at 10.30am which usually open on a Boxing Day.

    1. Yes a bit of a shock!! only had 1 shower really. The permissive bridleways near Challan Hall are a useful addition....there should be more created! I'll be busy on Boxing Day Simeon...P has got the day off, so we'll be off for a walk somewhere :-)

    2. My ride photos are up on the website, if you and Ian are looking for ideals for future Winter rides, a ride to Sunderland is good option for a winter ride,I did it a few times for a south lakes group ride in the past. Another good one is to Botton Bridge at top of the Hindburn Valley. I now into old fashion cycle touring with few tracks and tend to like my cafe stops! Alway will be interest where the South Lakes Group goes as I started the group up but don't expect me on any future rides in next few years its up to you and Ian to keep the group going,I think you best keeping at one ride per month but if hit any problems with lack of leaders in the future just ask me but want stay in background with regards to the RSF over next few years as got enough to do with running my website.