Sunday 21 June 2015

Wanna Get Fit....Get Fat!!

A ride from Clappersgate on the Fat bike. Adds a new dimension to any mountain bike ride. Love seeing folks faces when the spot the tyres...
I rode the renovated and recently extended multi-use track to Low wray.
The sheet of water is Blelham Tarn, and the hill behind Latterbarrow. Which we visited last Sunday!

Wray Bay, I then followed the bridleway to Belle Grange before climbing over Claife Heights and back to Windermere's shore. 

Fat Felt meets Fox!
More bridleways and I climbed via Dale Park up to this spot in Grizedale forest 

A bit of North Face trail and bridleways before I dropped down into Hawkshead.

A short stretch of road to Outgate, and I was able to pick up a favourite track down towards Low Wray. Thus completing my circuit, all that remained was to ride the multi-use track back to Clappersgate :-))


  1. I'd love one, but I cannot afford it. And if I could, I wouldn't be allowed it. Memo to self.....Need to move NORTH!

  2. You can hire one for the day up here I believe... Although that could be a danger to one's wallet /marriage.
    I only take/blog pic's when the weather is OK...most of the time "it's grim up North "!!
    Or is it? ;-)

  3. Brill pics, Al. Really must get up that way over summer this year. We've not booked any holidays in yet & I dont want to save all my holiday dates for childcare.

    1. Thanks Georgie, We're very lucky with the views and tracks...sometimes not that lucky with the weather tho :-)