Sunday 14 June 2015

Latterbarrow (Near Hawkshead)

I climbed this lowly hill many times in my teens, and the odd time since but probably not in the last 10 years. Lots of clear felling of the evergreens has gone on since then, it made this walk seem quite different from those visits in the past.

We parked near Colthouse and walked up the bridleway which skirts the nameless tarn above. Afew more years and it will be completely silted up I think.

Once beyond Rough How Intake we headed North and saw our target across the clear felled Old Intake

Its a huge cairn /obelisk on the top of Latterbarrow. The sign asks people not to climb the memorial. The sun was trying it's hardest to make an appearance. from here it was more or less downhill back to the car. 

We did however make the detour through Crag Wood on this permissive path...I'd not been along here before very nice. It would have been even better a few weeks earlier as the Bluebells were all but done.
Only a short walk today but we both enjoyed the outing.

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