Sunday 1 March 2015

Tilbirthwaite in the Wind and Wet!

After a windy ride first thing on the road bike, we decided to have a stroll round the sheltered environs of Tilbirthwaite. When we got out of the car it certainly wasn't sheltered! I nearly got back in!! Once togged up it wasn't to bad, but not ideal for taking pics...apologies for those below in advance! Purely a record of my doings for myself....

Lots of Catkins now...these are out of focus!

Looking back North along the Tilbirthwaite valley, with the weather closing in. The ground is very wet!

There's always one......

We saw lots of water today...indeed shortly after this things became decidedly moist, and the camera was put away. Always good to be out though.


  1. Great area for exploring on bad weather days.

    1. An area that's a great favourite of mine. Even after exploring the nooks and crannies for over 50 years I still see something new. Yesterday the Roe Deer had been busy eating the bark on every Cherry tree they could get to!

  2. Did you miss the snow? I had to walk the last mile home on yesterday ride due to snow making to dangerous to ride.

    1. Hi Simeon, we were in the hail/rain/snow for the second half of our walk. Although it didn't settle whilst we were there.
      Driving back from Windermere via Crook later on, we were on snowy roads though.
      Glad you got home safely