Thursday 19 March 2015

A Circuit of Buttermere

Best days weather of the year so far? Certainly the best of my days off. A long slow drive up through the Lakes from Kendal, eventually we arrived in Buttermere. A grand walk was had on this classic ramble round the's a couple of photo's....

Hairy Coo's at the foot of Scarth Gap..not one of them moved an inch!

Warnscale Bottom and Fleetwith Pike

Looking towards Buttermere from Peggy's Bridge

Fleetwith Pike

Back to the car along the East shore through the wonderful mature woodland.


  1. Lucky I wasn't up there. It would've have been hacking down with rain.

  2. That thought did cross my mind Robin! It might well surprise you but we do get a fair bit of weather like this! :-)

  3. It's a lovely walk. Mrs F and I used to do it frequently although not for a year now. Them hairy coos are new I think.

  4. It's a classic...almost flat as well which id good for P. and here poorly knee. I haven't seen the Coo's before. I was on there last September I think?