Sunday 30 November 2014

Rough Stuff Fellowship Ride from Orton to Warcop.....and Back!

Just the 3 of us this morning at Orton for the planned ride to Warcop, short days at this time of year so we were off prompt at 10am under blue skies and with little wind. Ian was our leader for the day...seems he likes mud!

The first climb of the day out of Orton, here looking back towards the Shap Fells

Quick check of the map, straight onfor us into Great Asby Nature Reserve.

Descending the twisting singletrack through the reserve, greasy with muddy tyres on the limestone.

From Great Asby we rode by Breaks Hall and Bleatarn.

Before dropping down to cross the River Eden on the edge of Warcop.

We had our butties here at the convenient picnic bench, Warcop was very sleepy, hardly anyone about!

Leaving Warcop we rode the bridleway through Blacksyke (very muddy) and on to Little Ormside.
Then along the lane above to Ormside Mill. 

Where there's a ford! Luckily the water was low! 

Are we lost?...Only joking Ian!

Another ford, this one at Rutter Force. Handy for washing the mud off our tyres!

Looking East fro above Gaythorne Hall to the North Pennines.

The bridleway across Gaythorne Plain is never easy, not steep, not really muddy, just awkward.
But eventually after gaining some height, the limestone outcrops and the views open out. here we look North.

From the top of Orton Scar it was all downhill, and actually not as wet and boggy as I remember!
The late evening sun was bathing the scar in warm light, a great way to end the ride.
Just over 25 miles, lots of off-road. A good ride, thanks for the company.


  1. A interesting route, which I done most of it part from the section pass Breaks Hall but I think it would be better done when the ground conditions were a bit drier.
    Several years ago there use to be a good cafe at Rutter Force and alway interesting to go pass Gaythorne Hall but at this time of the year when the days are short its far more interesting to rediscover local lanes and tracks which usually fly by at other times year.

  2. Good stuff Simeon. You can send your rides and photos to the RSF FB Group page. If you are not on FaceBook I'll be happy to add for you.

    1. Unfortunately Phil I do not have your e-mail address and not on facebook, I have start new informal group up which meets at Halton Station near Lancaster at 9.15am on Sunday. RSF members are welcome on these rides but its informal group with nothing to do with the RSF. You find more information about these ride on diary pages of my website at this link

    2. Hi Phil,
      This was a RSF ride..if you were to contact our area sec Ian Wood I'm sure he would be more than happy to send pictures for the RSF facebook page.Or direct you to our Flicker page...lots of images on there!
      I'm not on facebook!
      Thanks for looking at the blog