Sunday 16 November 2014

Rough Stuff Fellowship ride from Force Mills

Just 3 of us for today's RSF ride, which started from Force Mills. Only a couple of miles South of the "Grizedale Centre", this is an off-road cyclists paradise. There are bridleways and old roads in all directions...although our ultimate goal for today was Wray Castle (and it's cafe!) on the West side of Windermere. So on with the ride.....

We opted for the bridge at Low Dale Park rather than the ford...but be warned the bridge is slippery beyond all!

The Low Dale Park to  Hazelseat bridleway was pretty wet, this is about halfway up. Not much was ridden up to this point!

Setting off down the bridleway beside Cunsey Beck, mist was still lingering in the low fields.

After a climb from Far Sawrey we had a great descent to the shore of Windermere.

The recently renovated bridleway follows the lakeshore almost all the way to Wray Castle (just a short detour required) The Fairfield Horseshoe is the range in the background.

Wray Castle where we had our cafe stop...It's a laid back kinda place!! :-))

After leaving our cafe stop we took the road to High Wray before heading generally South past National Trust Basecamp. The has been a lot of clear felling here....never pretty. 

Soon we were out of the trees, here at the start of the downhill section past Wise Een and Moss Eccles Tarns 

The view over Wise Een Tarn to the Langdale Pikes was much better than this photo suggests! Certainly worthy of a pause!

Unfortunately Ian suffered a pinch flat on the rocky track. A quick tube swap and we were on our way to Near Sawrey then Esthwaite Water before our climb over to Dale Park.

We were surprised just how much of this track we could ride in this direction and in the wet conditions.
We had 2 for ascents and descents from here back to the cars. Firstly we pushed/rode over Breasty Haw to Satterthwaite then over Force Coppice.
A great day's riding with Duncan and Ian, Thanks Guys!


  1. A new member? Look like you had good time, I got as far as Sizergh before heading for home and manage to find some new bits that never done before

  2. Yes week got quite alot done, most of the bridleways look like they're being well used
    I think Duncan has been out with Ian and Norman before?
    The weather was better than forecast, glad you found some new tracks/bridleways.

  3. Well I have to ask even though I am a cyclist and happy to wear lycra at an age where I probably shouldn`t, but why shorts over trackies?

    1. Good question...and 1 I don't have an answer to! I'll ask him next time I see him!

  4. Love it round here. We tend to visit in winter when you get the place to yourself.

    1. Hi Georgie, Its great isn't it! I should go more often than I do really!