Friday 31 October 2014

Yanwath & the River Eamont

Thursday's stroll from Yanwath, Nr Penrith. Beside a River Eamont in flood after the recent heavy rain. Anyway just a few pictures snatched from under the leaden did stay dry tho!

Yanwath parkland

Beside a raging River Eamont

Always the best way!

River Eamont again.

Yanwath Hall

Eamont Bridge


  1. Genteel Local slopes.
    Sometimes a stroll by the river is every bit as nice as hauling your arse a great big hill.

    1. It'll be flattish walks for good while yet...Madam continues to recover from a complete Knee Joint replacement...6 months on slow but steady progress is being made:-)
      I can't begin to imagine the pain and grief!

  2. Ah. The Yanwath Gate Inn. I had a superb meal there. But 4 years later my bank balance is still recovering.

    1. We didn't venture in David! Good job!..although we did park there!
      The fields were "soft" to say the least!
      I've lived and walked in and about the Lakes for 57 years and there are always new paths to walk.
      The tops where draped in cloud and rain, the fringes as so often dry!