Sunday 1 December 2013

Torver to Coniston (and Back!)

Recently there has been a fair bit of publicity locally about the construction of  a footpath/cyclepath on the bed of the old railway from Torver to Coniston. Today we parked at Torver to put the claims to the test... sadly I feel a great opportunity has been missed! After only half a mile the railway bed is left, the path basically following the road as a glorified pavement, a great shame. Anyway it certainly didn't spoil our wander.

All good so far a well constructed slate chipped path heading towards Coniston.

After out walk beside the road we get back on the line of the old railway. Sadly here we look back along the section of railway bed which for some reason the public can't walk. Why??

In the overgrown cutting above the "Ship Inn" .My Father and paternal Grandparents knew the Foxfield to Coniston railway well as they used it to travel back to their home just outside the village. My maternal Great-Grandmother also arrived in the area on the line as a 13 year old girl to work in service for a wealthy family at their home near the village.

Looking South down Coniston Waterfrom the jetty near the "Bluebird" cafe. (Very good Hot Chocolate!)

Our return route was back through Coniston Old Hall and along the Cumbria Way.

Eventually we had to leave the lake behind, and as the light faded we walked back to the car past Hoathwaite Farm.


  1. I think some of the old track bed is now in private hands. Love the photos.

  2. Thanks!
    Yep, I think you're probably right Alan, Its just a shame access for that half mile or so couldn't be negotiated. Only needs 1 awkward sod I suppose!!

  3. I had a cracking walk last year from Coniston over the Old Man and then down to Torver, rained hard, but a nice part of the world!

  4. Hi Howellsey, shame the weather was poor for you. Its a favourite part of the world for me partly because of the family connections. The Coniston fells contain so many nooks and crannies, always something interesting to see.