Thursday 5 December 2013

Stormy Ride to the Coast

A late start after a couple of hours at work, mind it was just as well the South Lakes was taking a battering from the wind and rain since the early hours. Things started to look a bit better by 11ish, and I knew the expected high tide would be about noon, so off I wobbled to Arnside and the coast. I rode through sheltered lanes, but even so progress was very difficult. Arnside was taking a real battering the waves were over the stone jetty, salt spray heavy in the camera stayed tucked away. I then rode North towards St Johns Cross and Sandside.

Here at St Johns Cross the sea was well across the road, and so started the first of many detours.

Here at Storth the Arnside to Milnthorpe road was I guess approx 4ft underwater. Even the detour from here to Milnthorpe along the old quarry road was impassable.

The Kent estuary looking very full! Whitbarrow Scar and the Lakes hills beyond.

In the grounds of Dallam Tower the River Bela had burst its banks and another detour required.
Whilst the pictures look dramatic you've got to feel for anyone inundated by the flood water, today it was all to clear how powerful the sea can be even here in a relatively sheltered estuary.


  1. A wild old day but at least you went out.

  2. Hi Alan, yea I'll always try and do something. 5 days at work, (inside mostly) I look forward to the fresh air fix. Although yesterday the air was very fresh!!