Friday 24 May 2013

Mountain Biking the Torridon Loop

This then was the real reason for my trip to Torridon. The weather had calmed down and was forecast to improve as the day progressed.

Riding the road from Torridon hostel past Laitach

Entering the Coulin Estate, all good from here!

After riding through the grounds of Coulin House, I arrived at Loch Coulin, Beinn Eighe in the background.

The climb to the summit of the Coulin Pass was all rideable, before the descent to Strath Carron I had a breather and admired the Corbett Sgurr na Feartaig.

As a lot of forestry has been cleared the views up and down Strath Carron were excellent. This is the demoted Munro Sgurr nan Ceannaichean

And the view westwards to Loch Dughaill and beyond

A stiff push/hike-a-bike from Achnashellach and I was in Coire Lair.

Over to the West loomed Fuar Tholl, only! a Corbett...

Further into Coire Lair I could look back out to the hills of the Achnashellach Forest and beyond

Higher in the coire you pass under the imposing crags of Sgurr Ruadh

Almost at the col and the track was still covered by the previous days snow.

At the col, you're presented by the full range of the Torridonian Giants.

The trail just goes on and on, almost all rideable, here you can see it twisting and turning from the Bealach Ban down to the Bealach na Lice.

From Bealach na Lice the riding and the views improve. In the background Maol Chean Dearg.

This sums up mountainbiking in Torridon, need I say more?

Riding the glacier smoothed slabs, some of the oldest rock in the world. 

Almost down to Annat at the head of Loch Torridon. The scenery seen at its best in weather like this.
A fantastic day, this must be in the top 5 natural mountainbike rides in Britain. It's serious mountain terrain and should be respected at all times, certainly not to be confused with the sanitised trail centres.
  There's a fair bit of Hike-a-Bike as well, don't think it'll be easy, but then the best things never are.


  1. All fantastic stuff Al. What a wonderful trip. We will be in Torridon in 4 weeks time clad with midgy everything.
    Do you know if you can hire bikes in Torridon? I’d like to do some of that maybe.

  2. Oooh, I do like that third photo! (Actually, I like all of the photos, but particularly the third one.)

  3. Hi Alan,
    Pleased you liked the post...any chance of stowing away in your luggage in 4 weeks? :-)
    I didn't see or hear of anywhere hiring bikes in the advice would be to give Matt a ring at Torridon SYHA 01445 791284. He's a grand fella (he is from Yorkshire mind) I'm sure he would know. Give it a week or so ,cos he's gone to the Orkney's on hols, on a Tandam of all things!
    Hope theres just a nice breeze to keep the Wee Beasties away

  4. Hi Gayle
    Glad you like the photo's..I nearly didn't take the one of the boat because of the flat light.
    Trust yourself and Mick are making a good recovery from the injuries sustained on the TGOC!