Thursday 23 May 2013

Fionn Bheinn

Stopping at Torridon hostel in the company of some of the finest hills in Britain, you may well wonder why I found myself walking up much maligned Fionn Bheinn. Well my main reason for being in Torridon was not to climb Munro's or any hills in fact. But waking to find the snow down to about 500m and a real hoolie blowing meant that plan B was required.
   Hence I drove round to Achnasheen, and fully togged up, I left the car with the temperature at 2deg C!

Achnasheen Junction below the somewhat sodden slopes of Fionn Bheinn. Thank goodness for Goretex socks! My Inov8 Roclites amazingly grippy as always.

The ground dried out a little after the intial slopes, all you have to do is negotiate the extensive peat hags. I was looking forward to gaining a bit more height and getting into the snow.

Once on the lip of the corrie the full force of the wind was met, what looks like mist is spindrift. The wind whipping it up  stinging  as it rushed past.

I kept well back from the corrie rim as the wind made for a drunken stagger, several times I had to get down on all fours! The Fannichs were getting a few glimpses of blue sky.

The hidden Loch Fannich. I ddn't linger but retraced my route more or less back to the car at Achnasheen, pleased that I.d made the best of the stormy day.

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