Sunday 10 February 2013

RSF ride from Clapham

Bike comparo at  the junction of Thwiate and Long Lane's
Ian our leader today, had originally planned todays ride to make a circuit of Ingleborough. However the weather was not brilliant, sleety snow was falling as we sat in "The Reading Room " cafe. As we chatted we formed a revised plan! So out into the wind and snow we ventured, the first obstacle the two tunnels as we climbed Thwaite Lane. The full force of the wind was met, not nice, the lane descends gently to meet Crummack Lane. The lane climbs easily until the tarmac ends, this coincided with the snow settling nicely.
The climb out of Crummackdale
The bridleway was well covered with snow which made the climb interesting, my 29er was fantastic in the snow.
Inbred playing in the snow
Starting the descent to Borrins in Ribblesdale
The lane levels out then from Sulber Gate descends to Borrins in Ribblesdale. Here the ground was clear of snow, but not the sky! We had a bite to eat sheltering under a bridge, before continuing on the Pennine Bridleway to cross the Ribble on the new bridge. The thought of mugs of coffee lured us into Horton-in-Ribblesdale, before continuing to Helwith Bridge. Here Simeon left the rest of us to ride over to Feizor on the Pennine Bridleway. From Feizor more bridleway led to Austwick before riding back to Clapham over Thwaite Lane. A great ride today in spite of the weather.


  1. Looks like a chilly - but 'well good' - ride.

    Bet those big wheels help to keep the toes out of the snow!!

    So is the bike a custom build? Love the colour.

  2. Hi Tony
    My feet were freezing! Perhaps I need even bigger wheels! But other than that OK!
    Thats "another" good circuit, the weather made us rush it a bit, the original route would have been better still I think.
    Yes the bike is a custom me.
    Briefly it consists of an On One Inbred 29er, Salsa Fargo V2 fork, Avid BB7 Mtn brakes, Spa handbuilt wheels and mainly Deore transmission. The Midge drop bars are surprisingly good...a point of difference!
    I have really built it as a "bikepacking" bike, hence the Salsa Fargo V2 forks for Salsa Anything Cages. (I'm still waiting for them, due end Feb :-) )
    And the colour, the alternative was "teal" which I didn't like, the orange is great.